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Project Geotechnical Engineer


For a firm providing geotechnical engineering, construction inspection and materials testing services (Wang Engineering, Inc. - Lombard, IL): carry out analyses for ground improvement applications; perform settlement, slope stability, bearing resistance, earth pressure, seismic, shaft overturning and torsion, sheetpile embedment and deflection, drilled shaft resistance, vertical and lateral pile capacity analyses for bridge, retaining wall, culvert, roadway, airport and building design; complete boring logs, boring location plans and soil profiles; evaluate subgrade conditions for roadways per IDOT guidelines and procedures; perform soil laboratory testing, including direct shear, consolidation, hydraulic conductivity, triaxial compression, Atterberg limits, particle size analysis, CBR and Proctor; prepare and execute field exploration programs; classify soils based on IDH, AASHTO and USCS procedures; perform boring layout and surveying; and evaluate rig access and utility clearance.




1.          Master of Science degree or foreign equivalent in Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering or a related field.


2.          1 year experience in job offered or 1 year geotechnical engineering experience.  This required experience must include 1 year of experience in geotechnical analysis for ground improvement applications, advanced geotechnical laboratory testing, shallow and deep foundation design, field inspection on highways and bridges construction activities, engineering design and specifications, onsite foundation inspection of MSE wall, gravity wall, shallow and deep foundations and landslide monitoring using strain meter and total station.


3.          Proficiency in MicroStation, gINT, Slide, FoSSA, Shoring Suite and SPW911


Hours:  40 per week - Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Work Location: Lombard, IL